Company profile

BEZ TRANSFORMATORY -  a company with more than hundred - year old tradition with manufacturing electrotechnical equipment, being active both on domestic and foreign markets.  Since 1912 the production of distribution transformers has formed a substantial production programme of the company.

 1902 - Hungarian Schuckert plants located in Bratislava

 1903 - Fusion of the companies SIEMENS and Schuckert

 1912 - Manufacture of distribution transformers

 1950 - Bratislava Electrotechnical Plants (Slovak abbr. BEZ)

1996 - Introduction of quality management system, accompanied by a certificate according to the

             standards of the EN ISO 9001: 2000 by the companu TÜV ESSEN, Germany

2004 - Incorporation of ETD TRANSFORMATORY (Transformers) in to the compan´s product portfolio

2008 - Incorporation of ESB Elektrické stroje (Electrical Machines) in to the company´s product


2009 - New generation of oil hermetically sealed transformers with the lowest losses A0 - Ak max, for

             fotovoltaic power plants

2010 - Development of a new four-winding oil transformer for fotovoltaic power plants

2011 - Development of a transformer for wind power plants constructed from high temperature

            resistant materials

          - Establishing Integrated management system according to the norm STN EN ISO 9001, STN EN

            ISO 14001 and STN 18001

2012 - Certification of Integrated management system STN EN ISO 9001, STN EN ISO 14001 and STN




This year the company BEZ TRANSFORMÁTORY celebrates a significant anniversary - 110 years in business. Joint –stock company „ Hungarian – Schuckert´s Works“ was established in Bratislava in 1902. This company merged in with Siemens in 1903 and BEZ TRANSFORMATORY became their direct successor.


BEZ TRANSFORMÁTORY, a.s. (member of International BEZ Group) in cooperation with Slovak Technical University (STU) have received an EU support on the basis of EU Structural Funds for the project „ Transformers for energy units on the basis of renewable energy sources“.
This demand-oriented project is co-financed by European fund of regional development (Operational programe for research and development):
"We support  research activities in Slovakia / The project is cofinanced by EU sources"
The project will have two implementation places: BEZ TRANSFORMÁTORY and Slovak Technical University Bratislava.
Project beginning: 01/2011
End of active part of the project: 12/2014